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Lotto news

13 DHL workers make plans for a brighter future after £1.000.000 win

Buying new homes, cars, and clearing out debts – these are all things 13 members of a lottery syndicate from Maidstone wanted to do for a long time, and now finally can. The lucky group, working together for DHL’s distribution centre, will make their dreams come true with a £1.000.000 Euromillions prize. You could do the same after the next Powerball draw – an astounding jackpot worth $293.000.000 awaits!

The fortunate bunch, known as The Misfits Syndicate, found out about their lottery victory after the eldest daughter of a syndicate leader Mandy Richards checked their winning ticket in a local store. When Ms. Richards went back to work on Monday she broke the news to her colleagues by putting a copy of the ticket and a screen grab of the winning amount into 12 cards.

“Once those cards were opened there were whoops of joy, screaming, a few tears and utter amazement at our £1.000.000 win. I just couldn’t believe it, in fact, I still can’t,” recalled operations manager Sue Ivell.

Each member of the syndicate, which is based at DHL’s distribution centre on Hermitage Lane, will take home around £77.000. They all have their plans and dreams to fulfil, including buying new homes, cars and paying off debts.

“While we always dreamt of a win I guess we never thought it could be this big. Sharing this money with the Misfits, and so close to Christmas, is a wonderful experience. To know that all the syndicate members can now make plans for a brighter future, whether it’s a deposit on a house or clearing some debts, the win will make all the difference to all of us,” said Mandy Richards, who plans to spend her share on a long dreamed of conservatory.