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Team of marathon runners share £1.000.000 Euromillions prize

When a group of marathon runners departed on a trip to Amsterdam, they knew an amazing journey is upon them, but it turned out to be even more incredible than they’ve ever expected. The fortunate group from Penzance came home £1.000.000 richer after their Euromillions ticket turned out to be the winning one. Something similar could happen to you after the next Powerball draw – play now to become $320.000.000 richer!

Syndicate members owe their run of good luck to their leader Nicky Morse, who wanted to buy a couple of Euromillions ticket for the draw on October 14th while they waited to catch a plane for Amsterdam. Since they were aware of the success he previously had with the games of fortune, his running mates wanted to join in.

 “I do seem to have a bit of a magic touch. I’m not a regular gambler but every now and then, I feel lucky and I’ll be drawn to bet on something and I always win. Over the years I’ve learned to take these feelings as they come and put my positive mindset to good use. It always pays off but this is by far my biggest win to date,” explained Morse.

Team members thought their leader had run out of good luck since they didn’t hit the jackpot, but after he re-checked the ticket it turned out they won £1.000.000. Since no one believed him at first, Morse called a syndicate meeting to show them the ticket, which was followed with tears of joy and a sleepless night.

“Certainly no one slept that night. I think it has settled in now and everyone has started making plans. Some are going to pay off their mortgages, there are a few holidays being booked and I’m planning some home improvements. We are all hoping to get together for a meal and a few drinks to celebrate our good fortune soon,” said Morse.