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Lotto news

Retired farmer from the small Canadian village wins $50.000.000

News travel fast when you win an enormous lottery jackpot in a town that has no more than 500 residents, and that’s exactly what happened to one woman from Canadian village Irma. After scooping $50.000.000, the fortunate winner decided to stay anonymous, but her fellow citizens are still talking about her big victory. Follow in her footsteps and become a millionaire in the next Powerball draw – a life-changing windfall worth $359.000.000 could end up in your hands!

The lucky woman matched the winning numbers 8, 14, 18, 20, 24, 39 and 46 in the Lotto Max draw on November 11th and checked her golden ticket at the local Co-op store. Kent Erickson was present when it happened, and said she was “a little bit in shock”.

“She went in line and she said, ‘I just have to check my ticket, I think I won.’ And so she went up and gave the young lady, the cashier, her ticket and it was really simple, no bells or whistles or anything, but up on the screen was ‘Winner’. You don’t know what to say when that happens. It was surreal,” recalled Erickson.

According to him, the fortunate winner is a member of a well-known farming family, which has been living in Irma for generations. Erickson also described this lotto win as “awesome for a small town” and “really great” for the hardworking woman, who can enjoy her retirement worry-free thanks to the $50.000.000 windfall.

“She worked on the farm for a long time, and back in the day, I imagine, when she was younger on a small farm, striving to make ends meet, she probably worked hard as that generation did. So it’s a good thing, that for those retired years of her life, she can maybe go on a holiday and do some extra things and have those opportunities. It’s just fantastic,” said Erickson.