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Spanish Christmas Lottery is back with a new ad and it will leave you in tears

Spanish Christmas Lottery has been wowing us with their beautifully crafted ads year after year, and 2016 is no exception. Back in 2015, a lonely security guard Justino became a viral sensation thanks to the Pixaresque TV spot that warmed the hearts around the world, and he’s followed by a retired teacher Carmina, whose story is just as touching.

After watching a playback of an old draw, Carmina is convinced she hit the jackpot and immediately runs out into the street to share the lucky news with the rest of her hometown. Her son wants to tell her she made a mistake, but after seeing how happy Carmina is, he can’t summon the courage to tell her the truth. He convinces the whole town to play along, with the help of his son, who even finds a team of reporters to interview his grandma and keep the illusion alive. The whole town gathers in the local lighthouse where the celebration is held, and Carmina’s son finally decides it’s time for his mother to face the truth. Before he even manages to utter a word, Carmina interrupts him by saying she would be much happier if he kept the winning ticket.

The latest ad has a similar main theme as the ones that came before it – the best type of prize is the one you get to share with people you love the most. Spanish Christmas Lottery’s ads have been always building on a sense of collective hope, but what makes this one so different is the fact it shows the strength and affection that can exist within a small community, even if it doesn’t have a jackpot winner amongst their ranks.

This year’s draw will take place on December 22nd and it will offer a prize pool totalling to €2.310.000.000. There’s no need to wait that long to scoop lottery fortune – a life-changing $359.000.000 Powerball jackpot could be yours right now!