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Lotto news

Two French punters share a €60.000.000 Euromillions jackpot

We spent almost a month waiting for someone to match all the Euromillions numbers and in the last night’s draw we’ve finally got, not one, but two jackpot winners. They have more than one thing in common – they are both residents of France, who just became €30.000.000 richer. Follow in their footsteps and scoop a multi-million dollar fortune – play Powerball and a magnificent $403.000.000 windfall could be yours!

The winning combination that turned two Frenchmen into instant millionaires on Friday night consists of the numbers 5, 11, 17, 23 and 28 with Lucky Stars 10 and 11. November 25th was also a life-changing day for six lotto enthusiasts who missed the jackpot by only one of the Lucky Stars and ended up snatching around €210.000 each. When it comes to second prizes, Spaniards were the luckiest of the bunch, since three of them went to players from this country.

What makes this winning line so interesting is the fact all the numbers are under 31, indicating that the winners probably used special dates to pick their fortunate combinations. Even though it works from time to time, using special dates can have many downsides – one of them is having to split your jackpot with someone else, because many people use this strategy, which is probably what happened in this case.

Sharing the jackpot with someone else is still better than not scooping it at all – Mega Millions players know this best, since none of them ended up hitting the top prize in the last night’s draw. The winning numbers were 44, 47, 49, 69 and 75 with the Mega Ball 10, and the person who came the closest to matching them is one resident of Georgia, who scooped $1.000.000 in the process. Try succeeding where they’ve all failed – an amazing $25.000.000 jackpot awaits!