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Lotto news

Man wins £500.000 five years after his mother’s passing

William Cushion and his family had a really tough time since his mother passed away five years ago, but he always felt she’s still watching over them. The Milton Keynes resident, who ended up winning a £500.000 lottery prize, said he’s sure his mum “had a hand in it.”

The 55-year-old man matched the number 3, 6, 15, 26, 38 and the Thunder ball 10 in the National Lottery’s Thunderball draw on November 19th. Mr. Cushion believes his family owes this fortunate victory to his mum, who they lost five years to the day he found out about the win.

“This win will bring so much joy for me, my dad and those closest to me, and with it coinciding with the day mum died, I can’t help thinking she’s behind this life-changing dose of luck. It turned a day we were expecting to be sad, as we all reflected on how much we missed her, into a day of joy and happiness and that’s just the type of thing mum would have wanted,” explained the winner.

Mr. Cushion had been working as a car park attendant, but on the morning when he became £500.000 richer, things immediately changed. The fortunate man decided he won’t be showing up for his 12-hour-long shift, since he could just book a flight and go to Thailand instead.

“While my decision to leave work may appear rash, I’m a very considered person and I fully intend to plan wisely for the future with this amazing win. I’ve always said that if I won the lottery it would be a step up for me and that I would never step back down so I will enjoy it but be careful along the way,” said Mr. Cushion.

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