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Lotto news

Powerball ticket purchased on Thanksgiving leads to $2.000.000 win

Carnell Marlowe has a lot to be grateful for in 2016, since this year’s Thanksgiving turned out to be the best one in his life. The fortunate Sunset Beach resident scooped an amazing $2.000.000 Powerball prize with a ticket he purchased during the holiday. Powerball could help you become a millionaire, too – a spectacular $67.000.000 jackpot is up for grabs right now!

Mr. Marlowe matched the five main winning numbers 17, 19, 21, 37 and 44 in the Powerball draw on November 26th with a ticket he purchased at the Minuteman Food Mart on Beach Drive South West in Calabash. Since he used the Power Play option, he doubled the regular Match 5 prize from $1.000.000 to $2.000.000.

“I’m so grateful. I’ve actually won other games before on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving’s been good to me. It was hard to believe” said the fortunate man after claiming his astounding windfall at the North Carolina lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

His first thought was to hide his ticket, but instead of keeping it home, he decided to put it inside his wallet, because he thought no one would guess it was there.

“No one’s going to think I’d carry it around with me. That’s the last place they’d look,” explained Marlowe, but admitted he was too nervous to go around carrying a paper worth $2.000.000, so he didn’t leave his house until Monday when he claimed the prize. When it comes to spending the prize money, the Sunset Beach resident said he’ll use it to pay off his bills, and put the rest of it towards his retirement.