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Lotto news

Powerball jackpot still growing, $85.000.000 now up for grabs

During 2016, Powerball enchanted the whole world by offering one impressive jackpot after another and it’s only fitting that the year ends the same way it began. This amazing game could make you a millionaire on Saturday night, so pick your lucky numbers now and don’t miss a chance to become $85.000.000 richer!

The draw on December 7th resulted in another rollover after the numbers 41, 48, 49, 53 and 64 with the Power Ball 20 failed to transform someone into a jackpot winner. Wednesday night’s draw produced a total of around 450.000 winners who collected over $2.800.000 in non-jackpot prizes, but none of them managed to snatch one of the major cash rewards, including a Match 5 windfall worth at least $1.000.000.

Powerball isn’t the only game which might make you a multi-millionaire on Saturday night – playing SuperEnaLotto could also lead to a life-changing €58.400.000 fortune. The jackpot in Italy’s most popular lottery game has been on a steady climb since October 27th when the second largest windfall ever offered in this country went to one lucky ticket holder from Calabria. The last draw that failed to produce a jackpot winner took place on December 6th – the numbers were 24, 51, 56, 64, 65 and 73 with the Jolly number 34 and the Superstar 1. The largest prize won that evening amounted to €175.000 and was scooped by one punter who matched the five of the main numbers. There were additional two winners of a €49.000 prize, who correctly guessed the four of the main numbers and the Superstar.

If Saturday seems too far away, there’s a chance to snatch a huge chunk of cash right now – try your luck with Fruit Bonanza because there’s an impressive €192.000 cash reward waiting just for you.