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Lotto news

Members of family from Roseneath share a $12.000.000 lottery windfall

Winning $12.000.000 means you can provide a brighter future not only for yourself, but for your whole family, and that’s exactly what Carl and Beverley Bevan intend to do. They decided to share this amazing windfall with their kids, whose lives were already outstanding, but this win is only “icing on the cake” that will allow them to enjoy everything even more. The same thing could happen to you after tonight’s Powerball draw – play now to snatch $85.000.000!

The members of the fortunate family matched the winning numbers in the Lotto 6/49 draw on December 3rd, collecting $12.370.000 in the process. They were expecting nothing more than another free play, but when they checked their ticket the terminal froze and the words “Big Winner” popped up on the screen. After seeing a lot of numbers with 12 at the start, Mr. Bevan thought a $12.000 prize was at stake, but he quickly discovered they’ve actually won much, much more.

“Bev and I both stared at the ticket. While I was silent, she started to cry. We took off to share the good news with our kids right away – two daughters and one son, and of course, their spouses. That’s when the party began – beverages, lots of crying and dreaming and planning and imagining what we will do with this great windfall. And lots of disbelief as well,” recalled Mr. Bevan.

The list of winners also includes Amber and Christopher Coupland, Amy and Christopher Heales, and Ashley and Luke Bevan. Each member of the group has individual plans for their share, but they also intend to have one big family vacation.

“Can you imagine this group taking over Disney World? That is one of our fun plans – to get everyone together and take this party south,” explained Mr. Bevan and added the lottery victory will allow them to “take care of everyone they love now and down the road too”.