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Lotto news

Armadale couple spends a whole night searching for a new house after $10.000.000 win

Like many jackpot winners before them, one young couple from Armadale spent a sleepless night after discovering they became millionaires, but they weren’t just sitting in silence.  As soon as they realized they scooped a life-changing $10.000.000 windfall, they picked up a computer and started browsing through the internet in search for a perfect new home. Follow in their footsteps after the next Powerball draw – a magnificent $119.000.000 cash reward awaits!

The anonymous couple matched the winning numbers in the OZ Lotto draw on December 13th, with a lucky ticket they’ve purchased at Haynes Good News Agency in Brookdale. They were “absolutely stunned” and “in utter shock” after finding out the days of following a strict budget and living pay to pay were over.

“We’d heard the ticket had been sold at the same store we get our weekly Lotto from but never in a million years did we think it was our ticket! There were lots of tears and we haven’t slept since learning of the news last night,” said one of the winners.

The fortunate couple was preparing a modest Christmas for their kids, but it’s all about to change, because the incredible amount they won allows them to do anything they want to.

“We’ve been looking at houses all night and are blown away by what we can afford. It will have all the bells and whistles – two storeys, a pool and even a new family dog,” explained the couple and added the best part of this incredible victory is the fact their children can have a good start in life and a great education.