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Lotto news

Wellington man won’t be asking for any Christmas presents after $5.000.000 win

When Christmas time comes around, most people can’t wait to open up the presents their loved ones bought them and see what’s hidden inside. One man from Wellington doesn’t feel the need to ask for any presents this year, though – he already won $5.000.000 by playing lottery. Don’t miss a chance to give yourself the best Christmas present ever after the next Eurojackpot draw – play now to snatch €81.000.000!

The fortunate man, who choose to remain anonymous, matched the winning numbers in New Zeeland’s Lotto draw on December 14th, shortly after talking to one of his friends about who great it would be if something like that happened.

“I was chatting to my mate after a bit of a rough week and said, ‘Man, wouldn't now the perfect time to win Lotto – imagine the Christmas you’d have.’ We had a bit of a laugh and I bought my usual Lotto ticket on MyLotto that night without thinking too much of it,” recalled the winner.

When he checked his ticket a few days later and saw the number “$5.000.000” pop up on the screen, he couldn’t believe his luck and immediately shared the news with his flatmate, who also stared at the phone in the state of disbelief.

“Christmas – that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I’m going to make sure that this year it’s really special. I won’t be asking for any presents though – after all, winning $5.000.000 really is the best gift I could have ever received,” explained the Wellington resident and added he doesn’t know what he’ll do with the money right now, but “2017 will be one hell of a year”.