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Lotto news

Neighbourhood of Madrid celebrates El Gordo victory

El Gordo de Navidad is probably the most exciting lottery event in the whole world – or at least in Spain where majority of the population buys the tickets in hope of a Christmas miracle. This year was no different, but the dream of scooping the top prize eventually came true for 1.650 residents of the Acacias neighbourhood in Madrid, who won €400.000 each.

Unlike most lotteries we’re used to, Spanish Christmas Lottery doesn’t have a single jackpot but an enormous prize pool amounting to billions, distributed among thousands of winners.  This year, the players were offered an amazing opportunity to win a portion of €2.310.000.000 on December 22nd, the date that has a very special meaning to everyone living in Spain since El Gordo draws always take place on this day.  The top prize went to tickets with the number 66513, and what makes 2016 so special is the fact that the same lottery office sold them all – the lucky shop is located at number 4, Paseo de la Esperanza in Madrid’s neighbourhood of Acacias.

After the news was announced, many people flocked around the lottery office and nearby bars to celebrate their life-changing victory. The store has been selling the same El Gordo number for two decades, and despite the fact 13 isn’t considered a lucky digit many players decided to stick with it and it paid off in the long run. The shop owners Augustin Ramos and his wife Maria Josefa Rojo Cabrera said that they “felt happiness seeing that those that won needed it.”

The second biggest prize went to tickets with the number 04536 – 451 of those tickets were sold in a small struggling town Pinos Puente, with each player netting €125.000.

“It is a lot of money for a town that has been punished hard. The prize money was widely distributed, it went to many families that really needed it,” said the town’s mayor Jose Enrique Medina.

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