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Lotto news

Hardworking couple will turn their life around with a $5.300.000 jackpot

Buying a new car and a house, going on a perfect holiday and sharing a fortune with your family – these are things everyone dreams about, but they’re about to come true for one fortunate couple from Wellsford. They hit a $5.300.000 jackpot in New Zeeland’s Powerball game just a few days before Christmas, and you could win even more by playing Eurojackpot – an astonishing €90.000.000 windfall is up for grabs right now!

The anonymous couple matched the winning line 1, 5, 13, 26, 30 and 32 with the Power Ball 5 on December 21st after buying the golden ticket at Woodys Winners dairy in Wellsford. When the husband checked their number at the local store, one of the clerks called him into the back room and he was a little bit worried before discovering the real reason behind it.

“Once she told me what had happened – that I’d won $5.300.000, I just started crying and I was shaking so much I had to sit down. They were just so lovely in the store though, they got me a cup of coffee and helped me fill in the paperwork and generally made sure I was OK,” explained the winner.

When his wife got back home, he poured them a drink and shared the lucky news – she knew her husband went to the store to check their ticket and upon seeing him crying tears of joy she immediately realized what happened.

“He had happy tears running down his face and he gave me a big hug and said, ‘Yip, we did it.’ To be honest, we’re just a couple of hard workers who have hit the gold mine and we just can’t believe our good luck,” said the wife.