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4 supercars that will conquer the roads in 2017

There’s many good things to look forward to in 2017, but if you’re a fan of fast vehicles with mind-blowing price tags there’s probably nothing that excites you more than all the new supercars that are going to be available in the upcoming year. Owning one of them usually means you have to shell out a six-digit sum, but for a good reason – supercars always feature stunning and innovative design, powerful performance and capacity that will get your heart racing. Everyone fantasizes about having a car like this in their garage, but you could actually make that dream come true with a little bit of help from Eurojackpot – play now and have a ride of a lifetime with a spectacular €90.000.000 cash reward!

1. Lamborghini Aventador S
supercar 2017

Last year, Lamborghini made our list of the most anticipated cars with Huracan Spyder and in 2017 the renowned manufacturer has another great model in store. This impeccable supercar offers more power, more speed, and more aggression than any of the previous models in Aventador family. The signature V12 engine has been tweaked from 700hp to 740hp, making a new exhaust 20% lighter than before. Another major improvement is a four-wheel-steering system, which aids agility at low speeds and stability at high speeds. It goes without saying that you can personalize your model by choosing colours, stitching, materials for the passenger compartment, and brake callipers – as you should when you’re paying around $500.000 for a car.

2. LaFerrari Aperta

Since 2013 when Ferrari launched its exclusive LaFerrari brand everyone started wondering when will the coupé get its convertible version and it’s finally happening in 2017. Some of the improvements on the new LaFerrari Aperta include a more efficient powertrain’s control electronics, re-angled radiators, a longer front air, L-shaped flap on the upper corner of each windscreen pillar, different butterfly door angle with different wheel arches and a new carbon fibre insert allowing the doors to rotate. The most important difference is rather obvious – it’s a retractable roof, available with either a carbon fibre hard-top or fabric soft-top. It’s rumoured that the car costs around $3.000.000 and even if you have enough money to buy one it’s too late, since all units have already been sold out.

3. Mercedes-AMG R50
supercar 2017

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Mercedes’ model known by the code name R50, a hyper car this company is producing in order to celebrate AMG’s 50th anniversary. It’s expected to be unveiled in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with several prototypes being developed by that date, but it probably won’t hit the roads until 2019. The production is limited to 200 or 300 units, costing around $3.000.000 each. Not much is known about the car’s specifications, but there are a lot of rumours flying around – some describe it as Mercedes-Benz’ answer to Ferrari FXX-K, with the tech and the power of the current AMG Formula 1 car.

4. NextEV NIO EP9
supercar 2017

Even though most people connect Tesla brand with modern electric cars, other companies are also trying to prove themselves as innovators in this field. Many of them are going to unveil their new models in 2017, and we’re yet to see which one manages to capture the attention of the world – our money is on NextEV’s hypercar NIO EP9. It’s the first car in newly launched NIO brand of Chinese electric car company NextEV, whose profile has been raised since its participation in the global Formula E championship. It’s expected to be built in a volume of less than 1000, with each one costing around $1.200.000 – what you get in return is a vehicle with a range of 426 kilometres and two interchangeable lithium batteries that can be charged in 45 minutes.