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Win $75.600.000 with Mega de Virada just before the clock strikes midnight

New Year’s Eve comes only once a year, so it’s worth to make the festivities memorable and in Brazil they have a really special way of doing so – Mega da Virada lottery draw. It always takes place on December 31st and offers the most life-changing jackpots in this game’s history – end 2016 on a high note by playing it and you could become $75.600.000 richer!

Mega da Virada is a special draw of Brazil’s leading lottery game Mega-Sena. This game offers amazing jackpots all year long, but on December 31st players have an extraordinary opportunity to start a new year with millions in their pockets. The prize fund is raised throughout the year, by putting aside 5% of money from the regular drawings. The size of the final jackpot always depends on players’ interest in the game, but no matter what happens it usually tends to be the largest cash reward of the year. 2016 is no different and tonight’s windfall will be one of the most impressive ones Mega da Virada ever offered – it’s worth R$246.000.000 (approximately $75.600.000).

Since Mega da Virada has great 1 in 50.063.860 odds of snatching the jackpot, it usually produces multiple top prize winners since pretty much the whole country plays. Back in 2015, six ticket holders (including two from Vitória, and another four from Vila Velha, Guaçuí, Cerquilho and Água Branca) shared a $71.000.000 windfall. The largest prize in the game’s history to this date was offered in 2014, and was split between four lucky punters, including two from São Paulo, one from Brasília and one from Santa Rita do Trivelato.