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Mansion located in affluent Melbourne neighbourhood sells for $26.000.000

2016 had been an amazing year in the world of the luxury real estate, with opulent mansions around the world being sold for millions and millions of dollars. Australia is no exception, since the most expensive home in its state Victoria has been sold for $26.000.000 only a few weeks before the end of the year. If you’re dreaming of owning a house as mesmerizing as this one, you could easily buy one after the next Mega Millions draw – play now to snatch $105.000.000!

luxury Melbourne house

The recently sold estate has been known as “architectural icon” of the affluent Melbourne suburb of Toorak. The previous owners were Daniel and Danielle Besen, members of one of Australia’s richest families and renowned arts patrons and entrepreneurs, who decided to sell it due to a “change of lifestyle”. Even though the house has never been lived in, thanks to Wood Marsh’s impeccable design, it represents the pinnacle of modern residential architecture.

luxury Melbourne house

The crescent-shaped building is designed to wrap around a verdant lawn and garden beyond, which centres on a large plane tree. Central to the interior is an expansive living room, with a glass wall that creates an illusion the whole area is merging with the landscape outside. At either end of this central living zone, there are more contained living and dining areas, featuring a deep-green marble bar, and a separate study, an informal dining area and a kitchen. On the upper level of the property, there are four bedrooms and ensuites, overlooking the garden and a large heated pool, while the master suit has access to two rooftop terraces offering breath-taking views on the city. Below the living areas, the house has another two levels, featuring an underground garage, an art gallery, a wine cellar.