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Lotto news

Five winners split a record-breaking €90.000.000 Eurojackpot prize

Since its inception several years ago, Eurojackpot never failed to attract millions of ticket holders every Friday night, but yesterday’s drawing will go down in history as the most spectacular they’ve ever witnessed. Not one, not two, but five lucky punters shared a ground-breaking €90.000.000 windfall, one of the largest prizes in the game’s history.

The list of winners includes two players from Denmark and the Netherlands, and another three fortunate Germans, who come from this country’s capital Berlin, and states Hesse and Lower Saxony. Each one scooped €18.000.000 after correctly guessing the numbers 7, 14, 23, 27 and 35 with bonus balls 3 and 5 on January 6th. This is the third time that this game produced a winner of a maximum €90.000.000 cash reward – it also happened in May 2015 when one resident of the Czech Republic matched all Eurojackpot numbers, and in October last year when a lotto aficionado from Germany did the same thing.

If this doesn’t sound impressive enough, just wait to hear about the second tier prize – 35 ticket holders scooped almost €600.000 each, after missing the jackpot by only one digit. It does seem incredible, but there’s a logical explanation behind this strange occurrence – many people’s lottery numbers are based on so-called special dates. That’s why they usually don’t pick figures higher than 31 and last night’s Eurojackpot winning line mostly consisted of those digits, with the exception of 35.

Eurojackpot top prize may be off the table, but don’t let this discourage you from chasing your dream of becoming super-rich. Mega Millions is still offering a mind-blowing cash reward – pick your lucky numbers to become $126.000.000 richer!