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5 people who hit the jackpot after playing same numbers for decades

It’s been about a week since Canadian woman Olga Beno came forward to claim a life-changing $5.300.000 windfall, becoming one of the most talked-about lotto winners at the start of 2017. What makes her victory so amazing is the fact she became a millionaire by playing the numbers that occurred to her in a dream, all the way back in 1989. As incredible as it may seem, it’s not that uncommon – many winners before her went down the same road and hit the jackpot with the lotto combination they’ve been playing for decades. They proved us that patience really pays off in the end and so could you – try your luck with Mega Millions to become $137.000.000 richer!

1. Florida couple wins $530.000.000 after 30 years

people who hit the jackpot

David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith spent three decades playing the same numbers, and what they’ve got in return was the highest cash reward in lottery history. The Melbourne Beach couple matched the winning line in the Powerball draw on January 13th last year, and ended up sharing the record-breaking $1.586.000.000 pay-out with two lucky ticket holders from Tennessee and California. Kaltschmidt and Smith didn’t want to say much about their personal lives, but they shared some of the plans for the future – including taking care of their family.

2. Man plays same numbers for two decades, scoops £10.000.000

people who hit the jackpot

John Bowman has played five lines of the same numbers every week since the lottery launched in the UK and hasn’t had any big wins for two decades. It all changed in April last year, when he hit a £10.000.000 jackpot – Bowman celebrated it with a pint of beer in a local pub, before he started making plans.

“The first thing I did was to look after my daughters and I will also be sharing some of my good fortune with family and friends,” said the winner, and added he intends to travel a lot.

3. Canadian becomes $13.000.000 richer 28 years later

people who hit the jackpot

All the way back in 1986, a lotto machine picked a set of six digits for Duarte Almeida from Victoria and he decided to stick with them in years to come. It finally paid off in 2014 when he scooped $13.600.000, but it was still an unbelievable and shocking experience.

“I felt like I was going to faint. The girl from the lottery ticket says, ‘You OK? You want a chair?’ She said ‘I’m a gonna hold your hands. What is wrong?’” recalled Almeida, who intended to keep playing the lottery despite snatching the jackpot.

4. Special numbers lead to $7.000.000 win after 30 years

people who hit the jackpot

Maria Digel may not be the winner of the largest jackpot on the list, but the story behind her numbers is the most interesting one. They were based on the ages of her family members and the date when they immigrated to Canada decades ago. She played them constantly, and even dreamed about winning one night before it happened.

“I had a dream the night before I won. I dreamed I won a million dollars and split it up among my family,” said Digel and added she plans to make her dream come true after collecting $7.000.000.

5. Irishman scoops €6.300.000 by playing his kid’s birthdays

people who hit the jackpot

Gerard Murphy’s lotto win was exciting moment for his whole family, which is really fitting since his numbers were based on the birthdays of his four children. He’s been playing them for 25 years, spending €30 a week on the UK’s Lotto and Euromillions, before it finally proved as a good idea in August 2015.

"I’ve been playing these numbers for a very long time. I’m glad I didn’t change them – sure I’m only getting my money back,” said Murphy after collecting the prize with his daughter Laura and sons Dave, Gerald and Jack.