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$177.000.000 Mega Millions winners plans to build churches with his jackpot

On March 31st, one lucky ticket holder matched all the winning numbers to snatch a $177.000.000 Mega Millions jackpot, the highest lotto windfall ever won in the state of Arkansas. About two weeks later, the name of the fortunate man was finally revealed – it’s the 71-year-old construction worker Eliberto Cantu.

Mr. Cantu has been an avid lotto enthousiast for years – according to his son, he once bought 180 tickets without winning anything, but it didn’t stop him from believing he’s going to become a lotto millionaire one day. Cantu is originally from Texas, but he was in Arkansas for five weeks  working on a construction project, and that was where he finally stumbled upon the golden ticket that brought him a $177.000.000 fortune.

“He’s been playing his lucky numbers since Texas started their lottery so he’s been trying his luck for quite a while. He buys tickets quite a bit, and that morning he stopped at a Valero. His co-workers didn’t want to stop, but he convinced them to stop so he could get a lottery ticket and coffee,” said the winner’s son Rodrigo Cantu.

Eliberto Cantu said this victory won’t stop him from buying more tickets in the future, and added he’ll use a portion of the prize to do some traveling with his wife. However, their main plan is to give back to their community by building two new churches in Abernathy and Post.

“They still don’t believe it. It’s definitely a blessing, but they still don’t believe it, even though we just held the check and took pictures with it. It’s still kind of unreal right now,” said Rodrigo Cantu.

One could also be left in a state of disbelief after the next Powerball draw – guessing the winning numbers would make someone €83.900.000 richer!

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