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5 people who won the lottery shortly after losing their job

There’s never a bad time for winning a major lottery prize, but for certain people the stars perfectly align. Some of these fortunate individuals became extremely wealthy just a couple of weeks after quitting or being laid off from their job. If you’re also financially struggling at the moment, Powerball could solve your problems – an amazing €74.900.000 pay-out is up for grabs tonight!

  1. Man scoops a $89.000.000 jackpot a week after being fired

lotto winners01

Before he became a Powerball millionaire in March 2004, Tim Rivers was working at a tractor factory. A week before his life-changing victory, the father of two was laid off from his job and he was worried how he’s going to support his family in the upcoming weeks.

“I woke up thinking I’m going to look for a job, and I don’t know where the money’s going to come from. And by the grace of God, that money came in,” said the fortunate Indiana resident.

Rivers, his wife and kids were living in a trailer home at the time, and a $89.000.000 jackpot finally provided them with an opportunity to buy their first home.

  1. Perth resident loses his job after a decade, but wins $1.000.000

“I can stop working on all those hundreds of job applications now. I’m certainly in no rush now,” said one man from Perth after his lottery ticket made him $1.000.000 richer about a week ago.

The anonymous winner has been playing the lottery for about 15 years, and said the win couldn’t have come at a better time – three weeks prior he’s been made redundant after working at the same place for a decade, and he’s been  frantically applying for jobs ever since.

  1. Nursing assistant becomes $3.300.000 richer after quitting her job

lotto winners02

Yahnique S. was so burned out from her job as a certified nursing assistant that she decided to resign in January this year. Her financial worries were put to rest when she scooped a $3.300.000 cash reward after three decades of patiently waiting to become a lotto millionaire. When she shared the lucky news with her husband Bruce, he was certain it was just one of her pranks.

“I was highly suspicious but then I thought, there’s no way she could mock up their whole website. I mean, she knows her way around the computer. But not that well,” said the winner’s husband.

  1. Man from Dublin loses his job and wins €500.000 days before Christmas

Last Christmas was pretty eventful for one fortunate man from Dublin – at first it seemed it’s going to be a disastrous holiday season since he was laid off, but everything changed for the better thanks to a €500.000 win.

“I recently lost my job so we have been under a lot of pressure financially with Christmas fast approaching. This win is a huge relief for us all. We can now enjoy the holidays with the peace of mind that we don’t have to worry about our bills for a while yet,” said the winner and added he’s planning to start his own business.

  1. Couple wins £5.800.000 after weeks of financial struggle

lotto winners03

When Adam Young lost his job at an electronics wholesaling firm, his family had trouble paying rent and they almost had to ask their friends and family for financial help. Fortunately, all the help they needed came in a form of a £5.800.000 windfall, that they won back in July 2013.

 “We’ve been worrying about the rent and the basic bills that we’ve got to pay because I haven’t had any money coming in. Now it will be a lot easier,” said the winner.

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