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$55.900.000 Powerball jackpot collected by the Moose Family Trust

March was an extremely lucky month for playing Powerball, since this game managed to produce two jackpot millionaires in a short span of time. One of those winners decided it’s finally time to collect their incredible windfall – a life-changing prize worth $55.900.000 was claimed by the Moose Family Trust. Follow in their footsteps and become Powerball’s next millionaire – $380.000.000 awaits!

The retired Lafayette couple and their two adult children correctly matched the winning numbers 10, 33, 45, 53 and 56 with the Power Ball 24 in the Powerball draw on March 24. They purchased the golden ticket at the Tigers Touch Down 2 on E. Milton Avenue in Lafayette. Lake Charles tax attorney Russell J. Stutes Jr. collected the prize on their behalf and said they are decent people who will use this money for good.

“You couldn’t meet more deserving people. This new fortune will allow them to take care of their children and grandchildren; I have no doubt they will make excellent use of the opportunity it presents,” said Stutes.

Members of the fortunate family opted for the lump sum payment option and ended up receiving around $33.500.000, before state and federal tax withholdings. They’ll use this incredible jackpot to move closer to their kids and buy a new home. Rose Hudson, president of the Louisiana Lottery, congratulated the Moose Family Trust and said they’re very excited to welcome another millionaire to the club. She reminded the public that “luck lives in Louisiana”, because this state managed to produce 17 Powerball jackpot winners since joining this multi-state game.

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