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Lotto news

Congrats to Åsa from Sweden!

Yesterday night Åsa from Sweden, won one of our casino jackpots.

A simple spin of € 4,5 on our popular game Fruit Bonanza gave Åsa € 14 145 on her account! As if it was not enough, the lucky player managed to win an extra of € 1 800 reaching a total prize of more than € 16 000!

We reached out to Åsa and congratulated her this morning, she got very happy and said she “will spend the money in something nice”. We at Multilotto are excited for her win and for being able to add this extra luxury to her late summer plans!

Fruit Bonanza is a slots casino game with a progressive jackpot, which means that part of each spin’s value is  added on the existing jackpot and returned back to the players, the same way a lottery jackpot is growing more and more after each draw. There are plenty Multilotto winners almost every week, do you remember Peter that won 19 400 EUR while playing Gungslinger?

Even if Åsa won the jackpot, it still continues to grow and now it’s up to € 48.361! Are you the next lucky winner?

You can play Fruit Bonanza here.