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Lotto news

Iowa man wins $1.000.000 after buying tickets at the same store for years

Cars and holidays are usually the first things on lottery winner’s wish lists, but not in case of Brian Delagardelle. After winning a $1.000.000 Powerball prize, the Iowa resident intends to spend a portion of his new-found fortune on a tractor.  Powerball could help you to cross few thing off your wish list – play now to win $90.000.000!

Being a creature of habit played out well for Mr. Delagardelle – not only does he buy Powerball tickets regularly, but he always does it at the Pronto convenience store in Washburn, located few miles away from his hometown of Jesup. Back in 1988, a $2.700.000 lotto ticket was sold at the same location and even though the business changed names a few times since then, Delagardelle thought the store would bring him luck – and eventually it did! On August 15th he matched the numbers 3-13-17-42-52, only missing the Power Ball 24 to win the impressive $1.000.000 prize.

“I knew it was a fairly good amount, but I thought it was $100,000 at first,” said Delagardelle who called his long-time girlfriend Michele Smith first thing in the morning to double-check his information.

“He said, ‘I need you to get on the computer right away. Call up the lottery, see what the numbers are, see what happens if you get five numbers right,’” recalled Smith.

Before officially claiming the prize Delagardelle had a meeting with an accountant and made plans to put most of his windfall towards retirement, but he has another purchase in mind.

“Believe it or not, I’m looking at a tractor. I bought a new pickup last year and I’ve got a Jeep, so I’m set for vehicles, but I’m thinking I need a tractor,” said the lucky winner.

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