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Lotto news

Alberta man wins $50.000.000, but wife doesn’t believe him

After telling someone you’ve just won a lotto jackpot, you probably wouldn’t expect them to say “Yeah, okay. Whatever,” but that’s exactly how Sheena Scott reacted when her husband Raymond told her they won a $50.000.000 prize. Much to her surprise, he wasn’t pulling a prank and the couple is now making plans how to put all that money to some good use. 

Raymond has been scanning three Lotto Max tickets while Sheena was in a different part of the store – the first two didn’t bring him any luck, but the third hit the $50.000.000 prize. His first instinct was to find his wife and share the lucky news, but she was dubious after hearing them, since he often joked about winning the lottery.

“I found her and told her that we won. She just looked at me and said, ‘Yeah, okay – whatever.’ I actually had to show her the ticket to prove it!” recalled Mr. Scott.

He described the feeling of winning the lottery as “freaking out, but in a happy way” and said he believes that his loyalty to M & M Mini Mart in Ardmore secured his new-found fortune. Mr. Scott would win something whenever he bought tickets there, so he kept going back hoping for more – but he couldn’t even dream about scooping $50.000.000.

“It’s been a struggle for our whole family, for generations before. We’ve never had anything like this. My family has always helped me out when I needed it, so I’m looking forward to returning the favour,” said the winner.

He collected the prize exactly a year after having surgery for cancer and remarked “it’s pretty crazy the difference a year makes.” He also married Sheena last summer and they still weren’t able to go on a honeymoon, but that’s now one of the first things on their agenda. Vacations, college funds, and helping out family are also at the top of their spending list.

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