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Lotto news

5 times fortune cookies led to lotto win

When it comes to choosing lotto numbers, most people just go with the flow and buy a quick pick ticket or rely on family birthdays. Chinese restaurants came up with a different way to help players out – putting lotto numbers inside fortune cookies. Some people who paid extra attention to the message hidden inside this humble folded pastry eventually landed impressive lotto prizes. Same thing could happened to you in the next Powerball drawing – play now to scoop $120.000.000!

1. 110 winners share $25.000.000 Powerball jackpot

More than one person winning the same jackpot is often considered a miracle, but 110 people doing it was unheard of – until March 30th 2005. Lottery officials suspected a scam or maybe a computer glitch, but there was a pretty logical explanation behind the strange situation. The winners found the lucky numbers inside fortune cookies produced by Wonton Food and each scooped around $123.000 after taxes.

2. The 75-year-old woman wins $2.000.000 Powerball prize

“I used to play other numbers, and I never won anything, so these looked just as good as any other,” said Emma Duvoll after receiving a $2.000.000 prize which she won thanks to a fortune cookie. This strategy sure paid off for Duvoll, who said she plans to invest prize money and visit family in Switzerland.

3. San Jose woman collects $421.000

Merces Goncalves used five different sets of numbers she got from inside fortune cookies, and one of them matched five out of six winning numbers in Mega Millions drawing on March 4th 2014. “I don’t care that I didn’t hit the big one,” said Goncalves, who was over the moon after receiving her $420.000 prize.

4. Anonymous Olathe resident scoops a $390.000 prize

One anonymous lotto player from Olathe was about to give up on the numbers he played for some time after finding them in a fortune cookie, but was glad he didn’t. They finally brought him luck in Super Kansas Cash lotto drawing back in August 2014 when he netted a $390.000 windfall.

5. Couple wins their second lotto jackpot worth $260.000

Bill and April Richee used family birthdays and it led them to $117.000 Carolina Cash 5 jackpot back in 2011. The winning numbers that made them $260.000 richer just few weeks ago came from a more unlikely place – a fortune cookie. “I have to give the credit to the cookie. I guess that scallion chicken brought me some good luck,” said Ms. Richee.