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Family comes first for £1.000.000 Euromillions winners

Shortly after winning a £1.000.000 Euromillions prize, Rachel and Rob Bingham made an extensive shopping list – and every item on it, is a present for someone else. The Lincolnshire couple plans to use majority of their prize to treat their loved ones, proving that family really comes first.

The Binghams scooped the £1.000.000 prize in the last week’s Euromillions Mega Friday drawing, but still haven’t decided what to buy for themselves. Fortunately, they also won a trip to a private island in South East Asia, so they can relax a little before making any decisions. Ms. Bingham was the first one to discover they became millionaires after checking the ticket at the McColls Newsagents in Bourne and she was in a state of absolute shock after finding out.

“I gasped and my legs went to jelly. The lady told me to go to the Post Office just up the road and they’d be able to help. I started to wobble a bit and they got me a chair and a glass of water,” recalled Ms. Bingham.

Her first instinct was to get a hold of her husband, but she hadn’t brought her cell phone and didn’t know his work number. After she finally reached him, they agreed to meet as soon as possible, but it took her about 40 minutes to come home as she couldn’t remember where she had parked her car.

“Looking back it was all a bit daft,” said Rachel.

Even though the lucky couple didn’t make plans what to buy for themselves, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing on their shopping list. Rachel will treat her parents to a holiday and her daughters from a previous marriage aren’t staying empty-handed either. The couple purchased wedding dress and offered to pay for house renovations for Emily (23), who’s getting married next year, and bought a new car for her younger sister Louise (18).

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