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Lotto news

Connecticut man wins $1.500.000 thanks to his late father’s numbers

Upholding a family tradition for over two decades really paid off for Suffield resident Bill Bailey. Since 1989, he played the same numbers in the Connecticut Lottery game and they eventually led him to an amazing $1.500.000 prize.

We’ve all read a lot of news about people who played the same set of numbers for years, but Mr. Bailey’s story carries a little bit more gravitas than most of them. He actually didn’t come up with the numbers that made him $1.500.000 richer – they were “family birthday” numbers that his late father used to play in Connecticut Lottery’s “Lotto” jackpot game. Since his father lived out of state, Bill purchased the tickets on his behalf and when he passed away in 1989, Bill decided to continue family tradition. 

He played the same numbers twice a week ever since and they were finally drawn on September 8th. His wife purchased the winning ticket, but Bill was the first to realize they actually won.

“I got up early, made some coffee and then checked the lottery’s website for the winning numbers. I saw that the first two numbers were a match and then a third. With each correct number, my eyes got bigger and bigger. It was like a big sigh of relief seeing that we got all the numbers,” recalled the lucky winner.

The Baileys didn’t share any immediate plans with lottery officials, but said that the long-awaited and unexpected windfall will give them peace of mind and a sense of security in their senior years.

Their story is another proof that the usage of same numbers week after week can eventually lead to an impressive lotto win. The same thing could happen to you in the next Powerball drawing – play now to scoop $185.000.000!