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Lotto news

Lotto ticket worth $8.100.000 given as a birthday present

Lottery ticket may not seem as an extremely original birthday gift, but it’s the best gift that one mysterious Hastings resident ever got. This ordinary piece of paper led him to a life-changing $8.100.000 win in New Zealand’s Powerball drawing on Saturday night. The US Powerball jackpot is still rolling and it went up to $208.000.000 – play now and it could be yours!

The Hastings man, who wishes to remain anonymous, had celebrated a particularly memorable birthday after receiving Powerball ticket as a present from a family member. One day after the drawing, he discovered the ticket was the winning one and it made him $8.100.000 richer.

“I’m really looking forward to telling the person who bought me the ticket – it’ll knock their socks off! I’m trying to think of a nice way to surprise them with the news, after all, they helped change my life,” said New Zealand’s newest millionaire.

After checking his ticket on Sunday, the winner immediately called his partner to double-check it, because he thought he was seeing things. As they realized he truly won, their first instinct was to “get the ticket to Lotto as soon as possible in case they lost it or the house burnt down”. The win was confirmed and the couple headed straight out to pick up a little treat to celebrate their good fortune – but it wasn’t for them.

“We whipped around the corner to another shop and found a nice bottle of champagne to drop back to the store to say thanks – it was the least we could do,” said the thoughtful winner.

Even though he always thought he would quit his job if he won the lottery, the winner said it’s “the one thing that keeps him feeling normal at the moment” and he has no immediate plans.