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Lotto news

Virginia man wins $2.000.000 thanks to quirky number-picking strategy

“I punched the screen” isn’t the answer you expect to hear after asking someone how they managed to win the lottery, but that’s exactly how Billy Aliff scooped $2.000.000. He’s chosen his numbers the old-fashioned way, by going to the lottery express machine and picking them with a click of a button. Join him as the next Powerball millionaire this Saturday night – play now to win $267.000.000!

Aliff was one of two Match 5 winners from Virginia who won $2.000.000 in Powerball drawing on September 19th. Even though he missed the Power Ball 24, there’s an interesting story behind the winning numbers 12, 17, 26, 43 and 48 and the way he choose to play them.

“Every Saturday, I go in, put my money in, close my eyes and punch the screen. The numbers I pick are what I pick,” Aliff explained his winning strategy.

When it comes to future plans, the New Castle resident is putting his family first and his priority is to help out his father, who suffers from terminal cancer. He intends to buy a new house for his parents and put some money towards his daughter’s college education.

“My dad isn’t the kind of person who wants a lot of things in life. He just wants people around him to be happy. And with my grandparents, they’re going through a lot right now, so I’m happy that he’s going to help them,” said Aliff’s daughter Brooke.

The lucky winner intends to quit his job after winning big, but will continue working on car repairs from home.

“I hope it makes it easier, but I know with money comes a whole lot of responsibility,” said Aliff and added he’s going to carry on the tradition of playing Powerball every week, as he did for the last ten years.