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$310.000.000 Powerball ticket sold in Michigan

After two months of waiting to see whether the Powerball jackpot is going to grow more or no we finally got an answer this Wednesday night. The magnificent $310.000.000 top prize was won by a resident of the small town Three Rivers in Michigan. You can also become a Powerball millionaire – choose your lucky numbers and grab $40.000.000!

The winning numbers drawn on September 30th were 21, 39, 40, 55, and 59 with the Power Ball 17. The mystery player who matched them all is yet to come forward, but it was confirmed the golden ticket was purchased at the West Shell gas station in Three Rivers. According to the clerk Liz Smith, the store has sold few winning tickets in the past, but never anything of this magnitude.

“It’s crazy that it would be here in small town Three Rivers. Someone winning some $300 million – it’s just crazy to think!” said Smith and added she’s hoping the buyer is someone who visits the store on regular bases.

After the lucky news spread across the town, few residents showed up at the West Shell station to check their tickets, hoping they are holding the winning one. Customer Eric Jorge said he was shocked at first after finding out what happened.

“I stopped to get gas on my way to work and talked to a Three Rivers officer. He said, ‘Did you hear what happened?’ So my first thing is thinking someone robbed the store, and he’s like, ‘No! Someone bought the Powerball ticket for the 300 million!’” recalled Jorge.

We’re yet to see who that person is, but one thing’s for certain – he or she just became the winner of the largest Powerball prize won by a single player this year.

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