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Lotto news

New format changes coming to Powerball - Better odds and larger jackpots

After a year of slumping sales, Powerball format has been slightly changed, making the odds better for the majority of players. The odds of winning smaller cash amounts will improve, however it will get harder to walk away with the jackpot itself. This might -mathematically- lead to more rollovers and larger jackpots! Play Powerball now and see if the changes affected your chance of winning the prize!

The first draw under the new format will be held on October 7th and here’s a quick summary of all the important modification:

1. The field of main numbers is expanding from 1-59 to 1-69, while the numbers for the Power Ball shift from 1-35 to 1-26.

2. The new set of numbers also leads to new odds.  The overall odds of winning any prize improve, decreasing from 1:32 to 1:25. The bad news is that it will be more difficult to win the jackpot – the odds went from 1:175.000.000 to 1:292.000.000. 

3. The 4+1 prize for matching four white balls and the Power Ball will increase from $10.000 to $50.000.

These changes are the result of 19% decline in Powerball sales during last year and according to the Gaming Commission if it wasn’t for them, the Lottery Division would need to remove the Powerball game from its portfolio and aid to education would be negatively affected.