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Lotto news

€15.000.000 Euromillions jackpot won by another British player

Euromillions players from the UK really had an incredible run of success this year, and it continued on Friday night when another British player snatched the top prize. A €15.000.000 jackpot was won by someone from the UK only a week after a fellow Brit scooped €47.700.000.

The winning numbers on October 2nd were 7, 18, 21, 32 and 35 with Lucky Stars 2 and 11. Friday was also the lucky night for 14 ticket holders who are expected to collect €104.000 on prizes after matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star. Another 14 participants pocketed around €35.000 each since they correctly guessed the five main numbers.

The previous jackpot was also worth €15.000.000 and it was scooped by someone from Portugal on September 29th. With 57 top prizes won by players from this country, Portugal is currently the third luckiest place for playing Euromillions, but Britons are really giving them run for their money. There have been eight jackpot winners from the UK in 2015, including the lucky punter who scooped €47.700.000 on September 25th. According to the National Lottery officials, the winner has already come forward, but hasn’t decided whether to go public or remain anonymous.

“It is an especially lucky time for lottery players in the UK. The ever-growing millionaires club is gaining around six new members a week, changing the lives of thousands of people across the UK. A jackpot win of £35.000.000 is truly life changing and we’re delighted the ticket-holder has come forward and can now begin to enjoy their prize,” said a National Lottery spokesperson.

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