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Lotto news

Historic €100.000.000 La Primitiva jackpot won in Barcelona

After 25 weeks without a jackpot winner in La Primitiva drawings, someone from Barcelona finally stopped the rollover train in its track last Thursday night. The lucky player won a mesmerizing €100.000.000 prize, the largest one in La Primitiva history. After this astonishing victory, jackpot has been reset to €2.000.000.

The numbers drawn on October 15th were 1, 7, 21, 27, 38 and 46 with bonus ball 6 and after matching them all the sole winner from Barcelona scooped a total of €101.724.559. We’re yet to see if the winner chooses to stay anonymous after collecting the prize, but the owners of the lottery administration no. 328 in Barcelona were more than happy to share their excitement with the public.

Shortly after realizing that record-breaking ticket was sold in their store located on Pere IV Street 81 in the district Poblenou, the owner Montserrat García and her daughter Anna Maria Mateo called the reporters. The lucky store was owned by their family for few generations – it was founded by García’s father back in 1963.

García said the winner could be anyone, since the store is located next to a gas station and several local businesses. She doesn’t know who it is yet, but even if she did García would keep it a secret because she’s a professional and can’t betray the trust of her customers. Her daughter Anna Maria Mateo said she’s hoping that the prize was won by someone who really needs it, since they live in an area full of humble and hard-working people.

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