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Lotto news

Euromillions jackpot still on the rise – win €162.000.000 this Friday!

More than 42.800.000 tickets were entered into Euromillions drawing this Tuesday night, but with no success.  The jackpot slipped through everyone’s fingers once again, boosting to €162.000.000 which is its largest value this year. Could you break a spell of rollovers this Friday night – play now and try to snatch this stupefying windfall!

The winning line drawn on November 17th was 6, 7, 23, 37 and 38 with Lucky Stars 10 and 11. Even though nobody guessed them all correctly, two players from Spain and France were only one digit away from netting the top prize. They scooped around €1.000.000 each after matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star. Another nine Euromillions enthusiasts became €76.000 richer on Tuesday as they correctly matched five main numbers. The night ended with over 3.400.000 participants landing the prizes of smaller value.

By winning the jackpot on Friday, you could become one of the 10 richest Euromillionaires in the game’s history. Top spot is currently shared by an anonymous player from Castelo Branco in Portugal who won €190.000.000 on 24th October 2014 and Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Haverhill won the same prize amount back in 2012. These were the only two times in the game’s history that the jackpot cap of €190.000.000 has been reached after its introduction in January 2012. Once the cap is reached, it’s only available for two draws and if nobody scoops it by the second draw, jackpot is shared among the second prize winners.

Powerball also offers you a chance to do win an impressive jackpot – buy a ticket for Saturday night’s drawing and take $70.000.000 home!