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Prepare for Black Friday with 7 shopping tips

The holiday season is currently knocking on our door and so is Black Friday, the biggest and the busiest shopping day of the year. Even though it started as an American tradition, in recent years Black Friday gained popularity all over the world, with retailers offering spectacular deals to lure shoppers into the stores. This holiday always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, offering discounts and promotions that can rarely be found any other time of the year. Black Friday is not a time for browsing through items – it’s a day when you must know what you want and exactly where to get it. Here are few tips that will help you find the way to do it and walk away with the very best deals on November 27th!

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1. Do your research

Black Friday

The point of Black Friday isn’t getting something cheap, but getting the best deal you can for the smallest amount of money. Confusing these two could lead to ending up with products of bad quality, which defeats the purpose. Before making your mind about an item you want to buy, don’t let small price cloud your judgment. Check out the product details and consumer reviews before deciding it’s really something worth waiting in line for.

2. Plan your trip

Black Friday

Black Friday is not a stroll through the mall, but an extreme shopping experience which requires a carefully crafted plan. You must know the exact order of visiting the shops, based on opening times, item priority, lowest prices and probability of shortages. Teamwork is certainly your best option, so organize your family and friends to help you. You can divide in groups and do shopping in different stores at the same time or one person can wait in line while others look for items.

3. Use technology to your advantage

Black Friday

Before heading out to the stores and chasing good deals all day long, check out if there’s need for that at all. See if you can find anything good online, because many retailers kick off sales early. It’s stress-free and can save you a lot of time, but make sure to factor shipping costs and retailer ratings into your online purchases. Smartphone apps, such as ShopSavvy, FastMall and TGI Black Friday or equivalent apps around the world, could also be very useful when it comes to comparing prices and finding the best route to the stores.

4. Bring ads with you

Black Friday

Many stores offer “lowest price guarantee”, but getting the best deal will take a lot more than mentioning competitors who offered the same product for less money. You’ll need some proof to process the price difference, and that’s were ads come in handy. Bring them with you in case you’re required to produce a copy of the exact product being advertised for less.

5. Familiarize yourself with the store policies

Black Friday

After you check if the store offers “lowest price guarantee” it’s also good to find out what is its return policy. Many retailers are becoming stricter when it comes to this and they tend to include restocking fees and shorter return deadlines. Since return policies have grown so complex, make sure you found out all you could before deciding where to shop and what to buy. Saving a receipt is a must because you certainly won’t be able to return anything without it.

6. Always get a gift receipt

Black Friday

Black Friday is regarded as the starting point of Christmas shopping season and many people choose to look for gifts on this exact day. You may think that you’ve found the perfect present for someone, but it’s not necessarily always true and there’s a way to avoid any inconvenience. Ask for a gift receipt and include it with the present – if a recipient doesn’t like it, they can simply return it without any hassle and choose something that is more to their taste.

7. Don’t forget the Cyber Monday

Black Friday

Didn’t feel like spending whole Friday rushing through crowded stores to do your shopping? Not a problem. You can use the following Monday to look for loads of discounts and promotions online, since many smaller retailers offer smashing deals, but only via web. Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, especially for shoes, clothing and beauty products and you can get them all from the comfort of your couch.