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Lotto news

$63.000.000 SuperLotto Plus ticket unclaimed for over three months

Winning a gigantic lotto jackpot would make most people scream for joy and claim the prize as soon as possible, but that’s not always the case. The winner of a $63.000.000 SuperLotto Plus jackpot is an exception to the rule – over three months passed by since this impressive prize have been won, but the one who won it is nowhere to be found.

Back on August the 8th, one lucky punter successfully matched the numbers 46, 1, 33, 30, 16 and the Mega number 24 in the SuperLotto Plus drawing. The golden ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven store located at 20871 Lassen Street in Chatsworth. Even though the winner hasn’t shown up yet, the store received a $315.000 bonus for selling the ticket, which is nothing out of the ordinary since retailer bonus comes from a separate fund. The location of the store is pretty much the only thing known about the lucky winner at this point - they may be a local or someone just passing through; they may not even know there’s a fortune waiting for them or they may be making plans how to spend it.

Either way, it would be a shame to let such an incredible windfall go to waste, so lotto officials urged players to check every corner for the missing ticket. This wouldn’t be the first time for SuperLotto Plus jackpot to go unclaimed, but it would shatter the previous record held by a $28.500.000 ticket which was purchased in Northern California all the way back in 2003.

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