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Lotto news

Port Byron resident joins millionaire’s club with $42.500.000 jackpot

Richard Loveless spent years watching his friends and neighbours becoming lotto millionaires, but few days ago he joined the club. The Port Byron man won a magnificent $42.500.000 New York Lotto jackpot, becoming the richest lotto winner in his group of incredibly fortunate mates. Follow in his footsteps and turn your life around with lotto win – play Powerball to become $90.000.000 richer!

Even before he struck gold in New York Lotto drawing on October 17th, Mr Loveless was no stranger to lotto luck. His childhood friend Susan Garner won $2.800.000 back in 1995 starting a trend of lotto wins that went on in decades to come. Two years later Sharon Zuke Jackson, another one of Loveless’ friends, split $15.000.000 with two siblings and in 2001 his neighbour Richard Smith snatched a $6.000.000 jackpot. The 64-year-old winner saw what lotto luck looks like through their eyes, but now he finally got a fairy tale ending of his own.

“I saw the jackpot was back down to $2.000.000 so I ran out to my truck to get my ticket from the visor. I looked and looked and sure enough, I had all the numbers. I woke up my wife and it’s been like an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience ever since,” he recalled.

As we predicted earlier, there’s a story behind the winning numbers 1, 9, 11, 16, 19 and 22 which have sentimental value for the lucky winner.

“My numbers represent my mom and dad’s birthdays. I honestly believe divine intervention had something to do with my win,” explained Loveless.

He will use this new-found fortune to pay off his mortgage and children’s college loans, but he’s not planning any drastic changes and intends to make helping his loved ones a priority.

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