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Lotto news

Mega-Sena jackpot won, Powerball prize goes up to $100.000.000

Lotto players around the world were hoping to spice up their Thanksgiving dinner tonight with a special ingredient – $90.000.000 Powerball prize – but with no luck. Once again, the jackpot escaped everyone’s grasp in the last night’s drawing, rising to $100.000.000. You may be just the person to stop a rollover train in its track – play now to snap up a nine-figure prize!

The winning line on November 25th was 16, 29, 53, 58 and 69 with Power Ball 21, which didn’t bring much luck to the players as the drawing saw no winner of any major prize. The Powerball jackpot hasn’t been won since November the 4th when one Tennessee resident scooped $144.000.000, but three weeks passed by and the mystery player from Antioch is still nowhere to be found and claim the money.

Unlike Powerball enthusiasts, Mega-Sena players had a reason for celebration last night. The amazing $55.300.000 jackpot was won by a player who matched the winning numbers 6, 7, 29, 39, 41 and 55. This is currently the largest payout in the game’s history, not counting the jackpots offered in Mega da Virada drawings. Mega-Sena is a relatively new game to our players, but if you’re not impressed with it yet it will definitely knock your socks off by the end of the year. 5% of the game’s yearly proceeds go towards Mega da Virada drawing held on New Year’s Eve – $69.000.000 jackpot was offered in this special drawing last year and we’re yet to see if the record is broken in a few weeks time.

While you’re waiting for your numbers to be drawn, there’s a fun way to get some instant cash – try your luck with casino games, the Fruit Bonanza jackpot is quite high, you could win up to $76.700!