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Lotto news

80-year-old wins £1.000.000, plans to share it with his kids

After collecting their prizes, many lotto winners tend to say that family comes first and that’s the true in Vic Eden’s case. The 80-year-old Rugeley resident won £1.000.000 thanks to National Lottery, but he’s not spending it all by himself – Eden intends to split this windfall with his children Gary and Gill. Who would you share your lotto fortune with? Play Powerball to become $100.000.000 richer!

Eden is no stranger to lotto luck – he scooped a £3.000 Euromillions prize last year and considered it his big win… but little did he know. His big win was yet to come and when it did, the retired mechanical engineer welcomed it with amazement – his Millionaire Raffle code made him £1.000.000 richer in National Lottery drawing on November 21st. Eden checked the numbers next morning with a cup of tea and slice of toast in front of him, started shaking after realising his code was the winning one and called his son Gary and daughter Gill to share the good news.

“I told Gill that I’d won the lottery and she didn’t believe me. I told her to look on the TV or the internet whilst I shouted out the code. In the meantime Gary was trying to call me back but couldn’t get through. Then, after they called round to home and we all realised I had won all hell broke loose,” he recalled.

Like many winners before him, Eden went an extra mile to protect his ticket and hid it in a special box with seven keys. Now that he’s claimed the fortune, the 80-year-old intends to make things better for his two kids, seven grandchildren and his wife June, who is in a residential home.

“Family is everything to me and the win is being split three ways with Gary and Gill. The win will ensure a good future for them and the grandchildren but don’t ask me what I’m going to spend it on because I’m not really sure,” said Eden.