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Lotto news

Restaurant server snatches $2.000.000 Powerball prize

Powerball jackpot has been on a rise for almost a month, since players haven’t matched all the winning numbers, but few were only one digit away from the top prize. One of them is a North Carolina resident Jacque Kendrick who collected a $2.000.000 windfall last week. Follow in her footsteps and became the next Powerball millionaire – a mesmerizing $110.000.000 jackpot is up for grabs!

Ms Kendrick matched the white balls 17, 40, 41, 46 and 69, but missed the red Power Ball 6 back on November 18th. Her Match 5 prize doubled to $2.000.000 since she used the Power Play option. Three days after the drawing, the lucky restaurant server went back to the store where she bought the ticket and a message saying “Winner. Claim at lottery headquarters.” popped up after she used a ticket checker. Kendrick turned to the clerk at the store to ask for an explanation, but she was also in shock after seeing the message.

 “The lady’s face turned white. She said, ‘Honey, you need to put that up for safekeeping. That’s worth a substantial amount of money,’” recalled the winner.

The Stanly County resident used to play Powerball and Mega Millions every week, but she would never buy more than one ticket per drawing. Kendrick and her husband plan to save most of the money and use the rest to help their daughters.

“We’re not rich. We’re not poor, but we work for everything we’ve got. And we’ve worked hard. We need to be set, whenever we are old and retired.”

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