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5 things that make December the best month for playing lotto

There are many reasons why December is the best month of the year in general – from the cozy winter days under the blanket to innumerable year-end celebrations with family and friends. The last month of the year has to offer a lot to lotto players as well. Even if your numbers haven’t brought you fortune until now, December might be just the time to shake things up – try your luck with Powerball to win a dazzling $110.000.000 jackpot and see for yourself what makes this month the most magical one!

1. Special drawings

Christmas LotteryMany leading lotteries have a special way of rewarding their players’ loyalty at the end of the year – by offering record-breaking prizes in special drawings. Spanish Christmas Lottery is the most prestigious one since it offers over € in prizes and attracts players from all over the world. Brazil’s leading lottery Mega-Sena also holds a special drawing called Mega da Virada on New Year's Eve when punters compete for largest jackpots in the game’s history. Euromillions is another game that tends to get into holiday spirit during December when exceptional prizes are at stake – and Multilotto will provide you with information on all of them when the time comes.

2. Gigantic jackpots

Christmas LotteryEven when we don’t take special drawings into account, jackpots offered in December were amongst the most spectacular ones lotto players have ever seen. The second largest Mega Millions payout worth $648.000.000 was scooped on December 17th 2013 and it was shared by Steve Tran from Northern California and the Georgia resident Ira Curry. Back in 2002 the largest jackpot ever won by a single ticket at a time was scooped by Jack Whittaker from West Virginia. It was worth $315.000.000 and Mr. Whittaker won it in Powerball drawing on December 25th.

3. Hoping for a Christmas miracle

Christmas LotteryJack Whittaker isn’t the only Powerball player who experienced a lotto miracle just in time for Christmas.  Back in 2013 a $71.500.000 jackpot was won precisely on December 25th by Kevin Carlson from Missouri. The same thing happened three years earlier when Jeffrey and Christine Pintuff scooped $48.800.000 during Christmas dinner, but they realized their good fortune only after a hectic weekend. Christmas falls on Friday this year when Mega Millions, Eurojackpot and Euromillions drawings are held so check your tickets in time and make this the best holiday season yet.

4. Tickets as a present

Christmas LotterySpeaking of Christmas… If you have a friend or a relative who likes playing lotto as much as you do, buying few tickets as an addition to your main present might add nice personal touch.  If numbers on their ticket match, this little piece of paper will become the best Christmas present they’ve ever got. Be careful when buying tickets as a present though – don’t give them to children or people who are not that crazy about playing lottery because they might think you didn’t feel like putting effort into their gift.

5. Ending the year on a high note 

 Christmas LotteryWhat could be better than starting the New Year with a bank balance that would allow you to fulfill all your New Year’s resolutions? No matter how you’ve spent the rest of 2015, there’s still time to make it the best year of your life by winning an enormous jackpot during December. The best year yet, to be precise, because a nine-digit jackpot would allow you to turn your wildest dreams into reality and make every year that comes better than the last one.