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Spanish Christmas Lottery – the most exciting lotto event of the year?

Every year around Christmas, people are queuing to buy presents for their loved ones, but in Spain they are spending hours in lines waiting for something else entirely. Streets are filled with people holding their tickets for Spanish Christmas Lottery drawing and the whole world joins them in lotto craze that lasts until December 22nd when the numbers are drawn. If you’re wondering what about this lottery makes everyone go berserk, the answer is easy – the colossal prize pool totalling to €! (Yes, it's not a typo!).

For generations, Christmas in Spain has been inextricably linked to this event held on December 22nd, when millions of people spend three whole hours watching the drawing that is broadcasted in homes, restaurants, bars and town squares across the country. The highlight of the day is the moment when they draw El Gordo, which is the ball that decides the first prize winner. Unlike most lotteries, this one doesn’t have a single jackpot – the prize pool is distributed among thousands of lucky punters.

Since so many people take part in the drawing, each ticket is printed in 160 identical copies, meaning that the top individual prize amounts to around €4.000.000 after it’s shared amongst multiple winners. There’s an amazing 1:100.000 chance of scooping it, which looks like a bargain compared to odds of winning jackpots other leading lotteries have to offer. Prizes descend from there: the second one amounts to €1.250.000, with a third prize of €500.000 and a fourth prize of €200.000. Just like with El Gordo, each of these prizes is not won by a single player, but by 160 different people who had identical tickets.

Heart-warming Spanish Christmas Lottery TV ads tend to encourage players to enter the draw as a part of a syndicate, play with family and friends and share this happy moment with the whole nation. Play on the world's biggest lotteries and make your dreams come true!