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Lotto news

Lorry driver becomes £1.000.000 richer thanks to a happy accident

Buying Euromillions tickets for Friday drawings has been a long-standing tradition for a Featherstone resident, Stuart Powell, but thanks to one fortunate mistake he found out that Tuesdays are his lucky days after all. He won an impressive £1.000.000 Euromillions prize thanks to a shop assistant who accidently got the dates mixed up and sold him a ticket for the wrong draw.  Tuesday may be just the day you become €71.000.000 richer – play Euromillions and take home this extraordinary jackpot!

Back on November 20th, the lucky lorry driver bought Euromillions ticket for that night’s drawing – or so he thought. It turned out the shop assistant pressed the wrong button on the ticket machine and sold him a line for the Tuesday draw on November 24th instead. Powell was a bit irritated at first, but it was easy to leave it all behind after he realized her mistake led to £1.000.000 windfall.

 “I was really annoyed about it. I wanted to have a go on the £119.000.000 Euromillions rollover. I spent the whole weekend cursing her but that’s the reason I won,” he recalled.

After this victory, Powell became one of the lucky few who won lotto more than once – almost exactly four years ago he scooped £55.000 on his birthday November 30th. He gave all of it to his wife Denise and three grown-up sons Matthew, Adam and Nathan, and when it comes to spending his million Powell intends to do the same.

“Everyone is taking the mickey out of me because I don’t want anything. But I’m happy as long as everyone else is. I’ve always worked hard. I’ve been a truck driver for three years and I’ve no plans to stop. I’ve already asked for extra shifts. I enjoy meeting people and helping people,” said the humble man who celebrate the lotto win by treating himself to a £38 nail gun.

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