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World’s most expensive Christmas star for sale – guess how much it costs!

When the time for decorating our Christmas trees comes, most of us fumble through our cupboards searching for the same old ornaments we’ve been using for years. Millionaires tend to do it a bit differently and if they’re looking for a way to add an extra spark to their tree, a company 77 Diamonds has just the thing – the world's most expensive Christmas star worth £615.000. Want to see it on the top of your Christmas tree? Play Powerball and buy it after winning $180.000.000!

The rare and dazzling ornament doesn’t cost a fortune for no reason – adorned with 281 diamonds with a 5 Carat D flawless diamond in its centre, this Christmas tree star produced by 77 Diamonds is a true work of art. It totals in excess of 13 carats, with a central section featuring yellow gold plating. An exclusive piece like this also allows a number of personalization options, such as a coloured diamond, which can be purchased instead or in addition to the existing one.

According to Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds, a lot of devotion and hard work were put into making this elegant tree topper.

“This exquisitely crafted piece took numerous hours for our artisans to design and create, with the hand-setting of every single diamond being especially time-intensive,” said Kormind. 

Described as “the most remarkable Christmas tree star ever created”, the solid sterling creation is 20 cm high, 13 cm wide and weighs 130 grams. Unlike many other Christmas ornaments, it doesn’t have to be put aside after the holidays. The flawless diamond centrepiece can be removed from the star and worn as a necklace for the rest of the year.  When you pay £615.000 for something this small you want it to be more than just one thing, after all.