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Top 5 heart-warming Spanish Christmas Lottery ads

Since its inception in the 19th century Spanish Christmas Lottery has become an epitome of the holiday season in Spain, an experience shared by a whole nation. Just in case a € prize pool isn’t enough to make players motivated, a marketing team behind the world’s most exciting lotto event has just the thing to seal the deal. Christmas ads are aired about a month before the drawing and they’re only getting more moving and bigger in scale year after year. Simply calling them ads is actually an understatement – they are short movies with real human stories behind them, that don’t disclose themselves as promotional tools until the very end. They all seem to share a similar theme – the victory of a community spirit just in time for a festive holiday season. The drawing will be held on December 22nd and until that day comes, there’s a chance to win millions with other lotto games too – Powerball offers $180.000.000!

5. “Luck belongs to everyone. Take part.” (2007)

spanish christmas lotteryShowing a collage of astonishing shots from around the world, an announcement from 2007 explores the concept from its title. No matter who we are, no matter where we come from, we all have right to be and feel happy, which is a beautiful message not many ads on TV try to convey.

4. “The factory of dreams” (2011/2012)

spanish christmas lotteryIn both 2011 and 2012, ads presented the concept of “the factory of dreams”, a place where dreams are deposited in a giant drum, the drum of the Christmas Lottery. Even though the story was pretty much the same – factory workers secretly collecting dreams from lotto players and putting them into the big drum - two ads were tonally different. The one from 2011 seemed more like a period piece, while its successor which aired a year later resembled a technically impeccable SF movie.

3. “Wanna play?” (2010)

spanish christmas lotteryCombining elements from everyone’s favourite fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderella and Puss in Boots, this ad from 2010 sends a clear message – everything is possible during the Christmas. With a production and costume design worthy of a live-action Disney movie, this masterful piece opens a window to a world full of magic where everyone has the same chance to live in. Director Matthias Zentner combined CGI elements, digital matte paintings and real life shots, proving that ads aren’t there only to sell something – they can also be a true work of art.

2. “There’s no bigger prize than sharing” (2014)

spanish christmas lotteryThere’s nothing flashy about this ad directed by Goya winner Santiago Zannou – it’s a raw human story from start to finish and that’s exactly what makes it so touching. It focuses on Manuel, the man who forgot to buy his usual lottery ticket with a syndicate from his local bar, only to have them win the top prize without him. Evidently miserable, he somehow pulls himself together and goes down to the bar to congratulate his friends. After ordering a cup of coffee, the bar owner Antonio hands him over something more than just a delicious beverage - an envelope with a winning lotto ticket on Manuel’s name which literally leaves him in tears.

1. “There’s no bigger prize than sharing” (2015)

spanish christmas lotteryShortly after airing, this year’s Christmas announcement captured the attention of the whole world thanks to its touching tone and Pixar-esque animation style. Described as one of the best Christmas ads of all time, it tells the story of a lonely security guard Justino who works the night shift at a mannequin factory. He’s constantly surrounded by human figures, but rarely by real people and communicates with his colleagues by posing factory’s mannequins in funny ways, in order to brighten their days when they get into work the next morning. After reading the factory staff won Christmas Lottery, Justino goes to work only to find a surprise waiting for him – one mannequin is set up to hold the winning lotto ticket his co-workers purchased on his behalf and they are all there to celebrate the win.