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Lotto news

Man wins $1.000.000 with the numbers his grandson picked

After playing lotto for over four decades, Lawrence Kopczyk finally has a major win under his belt thanks to Mega Millions… and his grandson. The 70-year-old Howell resident scooped an impressive $1.000.000 prize with the numbers his grandson helped him pick. Asking your loved ones to suggest a few lucky digits may lead to fortune – a massive $202.000.000 jackpot is on offer in the next Powerball drawing!

Back on December 8th, Kopczyk matched the five white balls 7, 17, 37, 49 and 73. The jackpot escaped his grasp though, since he missed the Mega Ball number 15.

“Winning $1.000.000 million is incredible. If that 15 had been a couple of lines lower, it would have taken a team of morticians to get the smile off of my face,” the winner joked.

His first thought after checking the ticket and realizing the first five numbers matched was “Calm down, Larry. This doesn’t happen to you.” The retired winner didn’t do it all by himself – his grandson was with him every step of the way.

“My grandson helped me pick my numbers, and when he heard that someone had bought a winning ticket at the VG’s we went to, he told me he was sure I was the winner,” recalled Kopczyk.

His son was a bit harder to convince – he hung up on his dad twice before he finally believed him and congratulated him by saying “You finally broke even.” It was a reference to Kopczyk’s long history with lotto games – he’s been playing since 1972 and has never won more than $100. Now that he scooped 10.000 times that much, the lucky retiree plans to pay off his mortgage and bills, supplement his retirement income, help his family and go on a riverboat cruise in Europe.

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