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Lotto news

Family collects $50.000.000 after a two year-long wait

Winning a huge lotto jackpot sometimes tends to be a bittersweet experience – you get enough money to last for a lifetime, but you also get more attention than you’ve ever dreamed of. Many lotto winners avoid the bitter part by staying anonymous, but that’s not always an option as one Canadian family learned the hard way. They went to great lengths to protect their identity after winning a $50.000.000 jackpot in March 2014, which they collected almost two years later.

After Friedrich Mayrhofer’s numbers hit the jackpot, the 67-year-old Vancouver resident decided to handle the situation with great caution. His family hired an adviser to help them with the financial plan and a lawyer who tried to collect the winnings on their behalf. Needless to say, their plan backfired – lotto officials concluded this wasn’t allowed, so they had to come forward in person.

“I wish I would have come in earlier, because it was actually easier than I thought it was,” said the lucky winner and added he did it for the sake of his family, because they are private people and wouldn’t like becoming local celebrities. When it comes to spending the windfall, the Mayrhofers intend to renovate their house, buy some new furniture and maybe take a sunny vacation.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Mayrhofer won the lottery – many years ago he scooped $1.000 and even taped a photo of himself with the winning ticket to his fridge.

“It took 20 years to get a few more zeros on the end,” the winner joked and added this doesn’t mean he’ll stop playing since he had already purchased two tickets for the next big draw.

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