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Lotto news

Two friends from New Zealand share $15.000.000 prize

Sharing the happy moment with people closest to you is usually the best part of winning the lottery, but sometimes you get to share more than that. New Zealand’s newest millionaire is a case in point – after winning a $15.250.000 prize, the lucky winner decided to split it with his best friend. Play Powerball with your mates and you could end up sharing $227.000.000!

The fortunate Porirua resident, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has been using the same lottery numbers in every drawing, but they aren’t the only thing he’s been sticking to for years. He had also made a pact to split any prize money with his best friend and he intends to keep the promise.

“I can’t wait to tell him, we want to share the joy with this win and we know that this will absolutely make his family’s Christmas, as well as ours. I’m going to tell my mate that $7.500.000 is his. But I’m keeping that extra $250.000, I think that’s fair,” the winner joked.

Since he already knew his numbers by heart after playing them time and time again, he immediately knew he won something, but couldn’t even guess how much.

“We were sitting on the couch, when he started making funny noises and I thought something was wrong. Then he told me to get his wallet and we checked his lotto ticket together. We all just looked at each other and then started screaming and jumping and hugging each other a bit of a winning dance. We were so excited,” the winner’s daughter recalled.

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