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Lotto news

Couple scoops $14.500.000 thanks to their mischievous pets

Most people aren’t too fond of watching their pets making a mess around a house, but Christian and Monique Etienne are an exception to the rule. The fortunate couple from Airdrie decided to tolerate their dogs’ mischief because it led them to an amazing $14.500.000 lotto prize.

Unlike Jane and Alan Slater , who have found a forgotten £150.000 winning ticket with a little help from their labrador retriever Ruby, the Etiennes wouldn’t even have a ticket in the first place if it wasn’t for their two dogs. After the misbehaving pets Chancey and Kira messed up their carpet, Mr Etienne went to the store to get a cleaner and purchased the winning ticket on his way home.

“I went to the gas station to rent a carpet cleaner to clean up a mess they made with a package of scone mix,” recalled the lucky winner who discovered his ticket matched the winning numbers few days later and “couldn’t believe what he was seeing” after realizing he held the key to multi-million dollar fortune.

The Etiennes are in their mid-forties and don’t intend to retire any time soon since they both love their jobs. Christian is a labourer with the City of Calgary, while his wife Monique works as a chiropractor. The fortunate couple said they already have some ideas for what to do with their winnings, but they are just savouring the experience for now.

“We were talking about how we can just help to make a lot of people happy. I’ve always wanted to take my mom back to Norway, her home country. Now I can!” said Ms Etienne.

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