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Lotto news

18 colleagues share $1.000.000 few days before Christmas

For the last 25 years, a group of 18 co-workers from Saskatoon played lotto together and joked about what they would do if they ever won. They’re not joking anymore, but making real plans for the future because their patience finally paid off when they scooped a $1.000.000 prize. If you’ve been playing lotto for a long time with no success, don’t give up hope just yet – Powerball offers a magnificent $300.000.000 jackpot in the next drawing!

Members of the lucky group work together as technicians for SaskTel. They scooped the impressive Lotto Max prize back on December 11th and discovered they’ve won few days later during coffee break.

“The first ticket I checked was the big winner. I couldn’t believe it. I waved over to one of my colleagues and said ‘Get over hear, am I seeing what I’m seeing?’” recalled one of the winners, Gerald Friesen.

Family members and a co-worker who was on vacation at the time didn’t believe it when they’ve heard the news. Their biggest win before this amounted to $197 and now they became $55.000 richer after splitting the prize money into 18 equal parts.

“What’s great is that we all won together. Everyone had these looks of joy and a sense of camaraderie. You could look around the room and see relief on everyone’s faces,” said Friesen.

He joked the win “probably makes them break even” after playing lotto together for a quarter-century. The money came just at the perfect time – it will help them take some stress off during the Christmas season, but the winners also intend to use it for charity, paying off debts, traveling and renovating their homes.